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In an age of artificial intelligence and chatbots, the personal touch still reigns supreme. It seems that the closer we err to a wholly technological world, the more we crave human-to-human contact. This may seem like a strange assertion given that the impact of tech is growing, but people will always need each other. And that’s a good thing.

Moreover, with so much competition, it’s no longer just about cost: customers are choosing brands that align with their ethos. This choice could be because of a company’s sustainable supply chain, charitable projects or eco-friendly products. Equally, it may be influenced by any meaningful B2C communications they have had with the brand.

To put it simply, people want to spend money with businesses they care about – this, too, is a good thing. However, this shift to a kinder version of enterprise is just the tip of the iceberg; one small component of something of a rebellion against the status-quo. This has resulted in a new marketing tactic: Business-to-Human (B2H). ‘What is it? you ask. Business2Community steps in with some insights…

So, what is it?

B2H essentially entails getting to know your audience a little better. It means centralising people and their problems, and structuring your strategies around them. Consumers want to feel a connection with the brands they do business with or buy from. B2H delivers this; it moulds products and services around the people who use them, and endeavours to solve issues in a unique and personal way.

Focus on solutions

This may sound straightforward, but for B2H marketing it’s of paramount importance. By focusing on pain points, you can convey to your audience that you not only care about their problems, but want to fix them. When done right, this can cement your company as the go-to solution provider in your particular sector.

Personalise the service

Whoever said business can’t be personal? Personalisation is the buzzword of the moment, and for good reason – consumers want to be treated like individuals. One-size-fits-all campaigns and blanket emails no longer cut it. Consumers want promotional messages to be both relevant to them and helpful, which is easier said than done, particularly in companies with a large client base.

Segmentation can aid greatly here; as not all of your customers will have the same problems, segmenting them into cohorts based on data like pain points or demographics, means that the service you deliver to each is one that the individual actually needs.

Forge real relationships

You don’t need to be physically in front of a person to foster a connection with them; after all, it’s about the meaning, not the medium. For instance, it’s the human touch that makes social media accounts that utilise humour so disarming and effective.

The way we do business is changing, and why shouldn’t it? We could all do with being a little kinder. Consumers are wracked with marketing from the moment they wake up, so to stand out we have to do more. Utilising Business-to-Human marketing fosters loyalty in a positive way – what’s not to love?

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