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Make the big strategic plays

Experienced insights are invaluable when contemplating a merger, acquisition, or divestment.

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For all the latest advice, salaries and guidance to help you with your job search as well as steps to follow through the resignation process and beyond.

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Transform your future prospects

With Jefferson you don’t just get a team skilled in brokering deals. You get a team who can broker the RIGHT deal. We can say this with confidence because of our track record: we’ve helped a variety of marketing and creative agencies successfully complete their merger or acquisition with minimal fuss.

We’ve also acted to facilitate conversations, make introductions, and run the numbers for due-diligence. From initial engagement to finalising the details, we’ll be by your side.

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Proceed with purpose

M&A is obviously a complex and intricate activity. But as experience teaches, each one goes through the same high-level phases – and incorporates the same challenges and opportunities. That’s why we’ve divided our service offering into three primary functions:

  • Insight: advising agencies on how to generate value from their growth or exit plans
  • Identify: finding the best and brightest independent companies for buyers to acquire
  • Negotiate: helping owners sell their businesses for the most suitable and achievable price possible
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Uncover a world of possibilities

Why Jefferson? Well, to start with there’s the fact that M&A activity within the marketing, media, and creative arena is never straightforward. That’s why it makes sense to call on experience, particularly when you’re trying to evaluate businesses where the core ‘products’ are client relationships and employee skills.

We get it that such qualities can be hard to define when seeking an accurate evaluation. With our insights however you can still confidently identify and quantify this value, while also specifying how and where another agency could complement you – and it’s this practical approach to defining such ‘hidden worth’ that differentiates us in the market.


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