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This is a shout out to a particular type of recruiter who may like to join us as a Partner so please share this post far and wide.

This will sound all too familiar to most of us but as an office based employee, a day in the life of a recruiter means that you probably have to slide your way through the joys and costs of rush hour traffic as quick as you can, heaven forbid if you have a school run to do at the start or end of your day. Then join the queue for your beverage of choice before getting into the office before the rush. No doubt feeling a little self-conscious if you are running late at no fault of your own.

Then you bust your hump for what seems like an eternity to find at the end of each month you’ve either hit your target and live another day or annoyingly just fall under that level where your commission kicks in (and I bet that target moves around like an Olympian).

Either way out of the fees you’ve created over the course of the year when you look at what you take home you sometimes wonder is this really worth it? You know you are good at what you do and perhaps you’ve even thought about setting yourself up as an independent recruiter but rather avoid the risk and solitude of starting from scratch.

Here at Jefferson we operate in a very different way that puts you, the recruiter, in the driving seat of your own career and success by becoming a Partner.

Now I’d like you to take a moment and imagine what life would be like being part of The Jefferson Group.

Time on your side – For starters you work the hours that suit you. We have learnt over many years that our audience isn’t always available to talk during fixed working hours. Resulting in our days being far longer than most. Plus you may have some personal commitments that you’d also like to give some attention too without feeling you have to justify it. It’s all about balance.

Account Management – You’d be assigned your own clients and will never need to do any new business activity. That’s all done for you. Your focus will and should always be about relationships and delivering for those you engage with.

Network – To help deliver on your assignments you’ll have access to our full arsenal including our network, database, job board, search techniques and communities.

Dedicated mentor – Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a developing superstar you’ll have access to a mentor as much or as little as you need. We are here to help you grow.

Work from home – You can work from home as much as you like. We apply a remote first approach as technology and software gives us instant access to one another as well as sharing information in real time.

No targets – That’s right. There are no targets apart from the ones you set yourself. This is a grown-up approach to recruitment and we are here to help promote what works best for you.

Support – You will have a PA as well as access to our accounting services should you require it.

Earnings – Unlike the normal way you are remunerated, here at Jefferson you will receive the Lion’s share of the fees. No thresholds. Just a simple two-tier rewards structure so there is no confusion.

Whether you’re a part time or full-time marketing recruiter. If you’re interested in the opportunity to becoming a Partner at Jefferson Talent Group and would like to know more, then in strictest confidence get in touch with me Tom Howe either by connecting on LinkedIn or drop me a line by clicking here.

As a Partner you really can have your cake and eat it.